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Real Seller Leads High Quality Buyer Leads

Real Seller Leads

35 to 40% of people surfing the web for real estate are sellers.

The only two things these Sellers want to know are

  • What are my neighbors homes selling for? 
  • What is my home worth?

Sellers want only listing updates in their immediate neighborhood.

So to deliver the goods for sellers you will need a website that has landing pages for

  • All the neighborhoods, subdivisions & areas!
  • Real sold data – asking price and sold price.

How many landing pages does your current website have?

Many markets have 1000’s of subdivisions.

  • Our custom sites feature each & every one. With over 10,000 pages, you’re now in a position to do business with the Sellers!

So imagine a buyer or seller who lives in a high-end subdivision, who uses your website that can

  •  Input their address and receive updates when neighbors homes sell or list
  •  Research and compare many local subdivisions, using sold data going back 1 year
  •  Input a school district or ZIP Code and compare current listings or sold listings across all the subdivisions

How great is that?

What else could you ask for if you’re a seller?

Will they continue to return to your website?

Of course they will. It’s about engagement… Oh and Guess what…

This same feature is just as useful for buyers, real buyers, who as they get serious, after months of searching, can zero-in on the exact neighborhoods they are considering, towards making an informed purchase.

To top it off, we went one step further and created the ultimate hook for ALL USERS with A Hard-Core Market Research Tool – When we demo this most agents say – “That’s Waay Better than any of the features in my MLS System!”

This feature opens up new possibilities for your customers to get really deep into your market.

And just in case you happen to be in one of those markets where subdivisions isn’t necessarily the best focus

We can build you a custom website that does offers the same Market Penetration at no extra cost Golf, Waterfront, Investment – Just ask and we will build it with the same High Powered features but tailored to your focus.

We love new challenges and we know that every market has its unique opportunities.

Now it’s time to move over to High-Quality Buyer Leads – The ones you’ve been asking about for so many years.

Once explained, we will prove to you that using the right system, they are still a real possibility.

So it’s all fine and dandy to post sold properties on your website, which very few of your competitors do, but it’s what you do with the sold listings really makes the difference.

On our websites, we make it really obvious that sold data is a big deal.

On virtually every landing page, and we have many, the user is reminded that sold listings exist for that location.

We have market summaries that use the sold data to present a picture to sellers and advanced buyers showing them month by month, the sales activity in their area.

And the summaries go right down to the subdivision level for those that are really focused and serious.

Reminder, realtors love dealing with serious customers as opposed to tire kickers and our system will inform you when the leads begin to get serious!

We have user friendly features that allow your leads to input their address and track all the past ativity in their neighborhoods getting notified of any upcoming events as well.

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High Quality Buyer Leads

You Have 2 Choices Here:

We Can give you a Full Understanding of the Process and Why you have been buying lower quality leads for years


The far superior alternative to the lower end Paid Leads

Our RWS Organic Localized Solution

To these superior organic leads in a moment, but before we do, we’re pretty certain that you might want to know a bit more about the paid ones because you’ve probably

With Google still remaining the #1 source to get leads.

You would best better understand the difference between a High-Quality Google Lead or an average to low end paid lead.

Basics- On Google there’s the paid positions and the earned positions.

The chances are, that whatever system you have been using, you are getting a very high percentage of paid (PPC) leads from Google.

So when you’re on Google, How often do you click on the ads? Maybe never? … So who does?

Have you noticed there’s only four positions at the top of the Google search for paid ads?

Of course there’s always the bottom positions on page 1, 2 or 3, but who wants to be there?

So in the world of paid leads, there’s only four positions that matter to pick up what is potentially a very average lead.

So what happens if 10, 20 or 40 agents are all trying to get leads from these top four positions?

A Bidding war to pick up what is potentially a very average lead.

Imagine 10, 20 or 50 agents all trying to buy their average leads from Google

Have you ever asked your lead provider

How many clients have you sold to in my area?

Agents using virtually identical lead gen systems.

You might also ask – Do you buy most of your leads from these Google ads?

Potentially a very challenging situation to get a decent lead.

Now let’s get back on the positive and tell you about our approach.

It’s super important that you understand that these organic leads are significantly better than the paid ones. Generally speaking 5 to 10 times better and that says a lot !

Next- high-quality leads

Organic leads – the ones that typically never click on Google ads.

To illustrate this- we would ask you to consider this real possibility or non-possibility as it be.

Let’s assume that a million-dollar transaction is a higher-end event in your market.

Generally speaking, people who have a million- bucks are pretty unlikely to click on Google ads.

And the rare one that does, is now faced with a new website that instantly tells them they have to surrender their personal information.

How likely are they to do that? What’s the likelihood you would do that? Close to zero, highly unlikely, right?

And the story gets even worse than that. When Google changed their format a few years back, realtors were left with four AD positions at the top of the search.

So if you are relying almost exclusively on crappy paid leads, what happens if your ad isn’t in the top four?

Bottom of the barrel, tire kicker, super crappy leads from the bottom of the page.

Now that you know what’s really going on, ask yourself how many agents are in the same poor position as you, bidding up the cost of these crappy leads.

Chances are there are 30-40 or more, agents bidding in any midsized market and the result is really expensive, super crappy leads, that likely represent over 90% of your lead flow.

How great is that?

So if Google is number one place to get leads, what is the alternative

Showing up everywhere is the alternative.

Showing up where the going is good.

And where might this be?

In the places where the real estate searchers are serious.

At a local level, and the subdivision level where people really know where they want to be.

Sellers search locally and buyers when they are further along in the process, search locally.

If your website isn’t local is not worth (one of those expressions like it’s not worth a pig in shit it’s not worth a damn, as not worth a hell of beans, it’s not up to snuff etc.)

Landing pages are the only way to get local and if you want to really seriously represent your area, you’re going to need hundreds or thousands of these.

So ask yourself, how many do you currently have

Or maybe you might ask this to your existing web provider.

As you already know, we like to build large websites with hundreds or thousands of landing pages getting right down to the local level. Each one of these pages is search engine optimized what that means is that each and every one of them has a built-in message to Google, telling the search engine exactly what is being presented.

This is not standard industry practice. We have very few competitors that have demonstrated any technical prowess or understanding about search engine optimization.

And now it’s time to fill you in about how Google works and how we can get you into the earned organic positions.

We have yet to hear from any agent that social media leads are really translating.

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