Real Estate on the Internet 2007-2018

There’s a strong likelihood that anybody reading the content on our website has been exposed to a high performance, big lead generation real estate website.

It’s all about the inventory!

Far superior home search experiences that led to unprecedented new levels of lead retention with behavior tracking that gave agents the upper hand, allowing them to close a lot more business.

Most of us would agree that the biggest advance in recent years was implementing IDX on these websites. That was the component that made these websites perform. Once the word really got out, thousands of agents started using these systems and most of the markets got saturated with companies overselling, in spite of certain exclusivity promises.

Result: Lower Quality Leads


Back in 2008 the DOJ Legislated that every MLS had to include an expanded IDX feed called VOW and it’s been there, unused, ever since.
Only one in 100 realtors even knows what VOW is!


VOW brings forward the information that sellers need and want.

We all know that what sellers want to know is…

“What is their home worth?”
“What are their neighbors properties selling for?”

And there have been many websites served up in the attempt to dupe sellers into offering their lead information in exchange for very little.

A bad exchange that leads nowhere.

If you have used any of the other high-end offerings, You know that it’s all about engagement!

What does VOW do to engage sellers?

It delivers the Big Picture, showing Sold, Pending and Contingent listings (in most MLS areas)

The seller can narrow their search criteria and have the system email them regularly so they can keep up-to-date on the sales activity in their area.

So just as buyers return to your site on a regular basis, as they have a reason to do so, you will then have a nice collection of sellers, in varying degrees of readiness to move forward.

And we probably do not need to tell you that buyers, once they become more serious, will want this advanced information as well.

Our VOW enabled website does the Sellers side every bit as well as the Buyer side.

How many sellers are out there?

Approximately 40% of people surfing the web for Real Estate are sellers according to recent estimates.

Most of the Realtors we know would happily trade 3 buyers for 1 seller at this point.

Welcome to the Future of Real Estate on the Internet 2018!

It only took 11 years for the next big jump forward. We at Real Web Systems recognized that this was huge but that there were still some other issues left un-addressed.

Lead quality has diminished in recent years, easily explained by too many agents competing in the same PPC arena.

Are you tired of paying big bucks to Google, month after month, for low-quality leads?

Organic Search

In building this web program, we collaborated with some of the best search engine optimization talents in North America, who work exclusively with realtors. Having built our web platform with Real Search Engine Architecture allows us to optimize the site for any given market far more easily than any of the other websites out there.
We offer you the opportunity to rank hundreds of local property search pages organically on Google and we can custom build these pages for you very affordably!

We haven’t abandoned the PPC model entirely, understanding that there are still some cards left to play in that arena, if you’re really good at it . We have some interesting new methods that can significantly increase your lead capture percentages (lowering your cost per lead) and we will be happy to tell you about these in our presentation. We will also address the issue of targeting higher quality seller and buyer leads using our two new innovations in tandem.

Moving Forward…

So to summarize, here is a website that will capture buyer and seller leads in new and better ways and will engage the sellers, where the other sites don’t.

At Real Web Systems we bring what is currently the most advanced, leading-edge web program to the table and ask our clients to commit a very small amount of their time to defining market objectives and tell us how ambitious they are.

How much business do you want and where?

We do the rest and can deliver you a fully customized website within three weeks.

We are so confident in our ability to deliver we do not ask for a contract.  Cancel anytime with 60 days notice.

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