You’ve been asking for these two significant changes in real estate lead generation for a very long time and now we have the solutions...
Finally, a new and unique approach. Let us educate you on how this works so you can understand it fully and you will know that we can Really Deliver !
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What was great 10 years ago, is old news today. On the Internet, very old news.

As Buyer Leads continue to deteriorate and Seller Leads remain few and far between, it may be time to stop paying big money for old technology and step up your game.

Internet lead generation for real estate agents has changed very little in the last decade.

The most significant change is that far too many agents are using very similar sites that depend on buying buyer leads from Googs, pushing up the cost .   Paying  Big  Money  for  Same  Old.

Real estate agents, who are rarely shy, have been asking for two things to improve their productivity.

If your answer is yes to these next two questions, you will know that there’s nothing new going on with your approach.

Does your site only have active listings and no sold listings?

Is your web provider delivering a really high percentage of your leads from search engine advertising?

If you take some time to better understand these problems, you will be in a far better position to appreciate the solutions. Then you can up your game!

In the following 2 sections we will explain in great detail

  • How important the sold listings are for finding &  keeping sellers on your website, when you do it right
  • Why Ads for real estate leads routinely produces average leads & how you can get better leads organically