Real Estate Seller Leads in Nondisclosure States

 Real Estate Seller Leads in Nondisclosure States

As home seller leads have become so important to realtors, it would be worth checking in with your MLS to find out if you can display sold listings with or without the sold price on your website.

In many nondisclosure states, it is up to the local MLS board to make this decision.
You might also ask them if displaying the sold date is okay.
If you have read our page on home seller leads, you will understand that this information is super useful to potential real estate sellers, if organized at a local level.

If you can provide these home owners with properties that have been selling in their immediate area on landing pages that are sufficiently abundant, then they can zero in on a school district, ZIP Code, or more usefully, a subdivision and get exactly what they are after.
Our websites have these pages well-organized and available all the time, which makes it very useful for people getting serious about buying or potential home sellers who live in the area.
It is important to note that your competitors are very unlikely to have these pages so the competition is low and it’s really easy to get results on search engines like Google.

It’s also very important to note that the people doing these searches are potentially much higher-quality leads because they are way more focused.
– Home Sellers in the area
– Real Estate Buyers who are way further along in the process who have narrowed their list and really know now where they want to move to.

So how it works in nondisclosure states is that we ideally present all the localized Sold Real Estate Listings and they then have to click on a link, which takes them to you, to find out what the property sold for.

An excellent solution, giving them pretty much everything they need, but making it necessary for them to develop contact with you, to get the real information.


In a non-disclosure state, Real Estate sale prices are are not made public. In certain non-disclosure states like New Mexico, when a property sells, the sale price is not required to be submitted to the county office. Exact definitions can vary by location.

Non-Disclosure States – Alaska, Idaho, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri (not all counties), Montana, New Mexico, North Dakota, Texas, Utah, and Wyoming.