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Real Estate Seller Leads

Do you realize how valuable sold real estate data is?
Zillow recently paid a reward of $1 million to help them improve their Zestimates.

Here’s a Website with Real Sold Data to really get you on your sellers game!

Note: For agents in Nondisclosure states,  this sellers opportunity is NOT closed to you. Read on and visit – Nondisclosure Opportunity

Consider this …

  • An estimated 35 to 40% of all real estate searches are done by sellers.
  • Most of the existing sites out there have very little to engage sellers.
  • Very few sites in your area have this valuable data so you may be the first.

All sellers really want to know is, what their neighbors homes are selling for and what their home might potentially be worth.

With our websites, you can deliver to sellers exactly what they are after and keep them returning to your website regularly

  • Landing pages for every Neighborhood, Subdivision, School District, City, Town & Zip Code with Real Sold Data, Direct from Your MLS
  • Sellers can track all the activity in their neighborhood with updates on when homes list & when homes sell, returning to your website regularly.

How many Landing Pages does your current website have?

Many markets have 1000’s of subdivisions.

  • Our custom sites feature each & every one. Most of our clients have well over 10,000 Search Engine Optimized pages, putting them in a position to really do business with the Sellers!

On each & every landing page, the user is reminded that sold info is available for that location.

Imagine a buyer or seller who lives in a high-end subdivision, who uses your website that can

  •  Input their address and receive updates when neighbors homes sell or list 
  •  Input a school district or ZIP Code to Research & compare all local subdivisions, using sold data going back 1 year

How great is that?

What else could you ask for if you’re a seller?

Will they continue to return to your website?

Of course they will. It’s about engagement

This same feature is just as useful for buyers, real buyers, who as they get serious, after months of searching, can zero-in on the exact neighborhoods they are considering, towards making an informed purchase.

To top it off, we went one step further and created the ultimate hook for ALL USERS with A Hard-Core Market Research Tool – When we demo this, most agents say – “That’s Way More Informative than any of the features in my MLS System!”

This feature opens up new possibilities for your customers to get really deep into your market.

And just in case you happen to be in one of those markets where subdivisions isn’t necessarily the best focus…

We can build you a custom website that does offers the same Market Penetration at no extra cost.       Golf, Waterfront, Investment, Adobe, Ski, Lagoon, Log Homes or whatever the niche/opportunity.          Just ask and we will build it with the same High Powered features, tailored to your specialty.

We love new challenges and we know that every market has its unique opportunities.

Our track record in getting our clients free organic seller leads has been nothing short of excellent and we would be happy to prove that to you. Chances are the opportunity is ripe in your market, as it is in most places.
We would be happy to explore the opportunity with you. Schedule a 15 minute meeting to size up and analyze your competition.

Now let’s move over to High-Quality Buyer Leads – The ones you’ve been asking about for many years.

Once explained,  you will know that using A Real Up To Date System, you and your leads can mutually benefit.

It may be time to stop serving up an antiquated home search experience to  your potential clients.

*Website examples  intentionally not provided to keep our competitors guessing